Multicultural and Community Affairs

High School Community Awareness Program

The High School Health Disparities Community-based Research Program provides enrichment to underrepresented minority high school students; generates hands-on community-based research; and encourages community organizations to participate in research.

Students work in collaborative groups to learn about issues in neighborhoods and develop surveys, examine data, do community mapping and conduct interviews that result in policy recommendations. At the end of the program, students present their research in the form of a poster and oral presentation. Each trainee is responsible for designing and arranging the research data and preparing a short paper that explains the problem statement, approach, observation, data, results and conclusion of the project.

The audience consists of community-based organizations, Creighton faculty members, undergraduate and graduate students and staff. The colloquium gives trainees experience in presenting results to a large audience.


High School Community Awareness Program Syllabus


Applications are available from March-May 2014.

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