Creighton Rehabilitation International Summer Program (CRISP)

Creighton Rehabilitation International Summer Program (CRISP) is a 3 month summer immersion program for international rehabilitation students and faculty interested in learning occupational therapy (OT) and physical therapy (PT) in the United States. Participants will complete educational modules taught by esteemed OT and PT faculty focused on rehabilitation across the lifespan. Participants will also be immersed into clinical practice with multiple observations in hospital and community based OT and PT clinics. Cultural immersion experiences throughout the program include interactions with Creighton students, local cultural outings, participation in the Omaha Chinese Cultural Association, and a sightseeing excursion to Chicago. CRISP fosters participants’ knowledge and application of OT and PT in the United States to further their careers and leadership in global rehabilitation.

Creighton University is ranked #1 among Regional Universities in the Midwest. Creighton’s occupational therapy and physical therapy programs are among the leading rehabilitation schools in the USA. Creighton has pioneered healthcare education by becoming the first university to offer post professional doctorate degrees in OT and PT. CRISP is instructed by the esteemed OT and PT faculty. The faculty are well known in the USA as leaders in the professions.

Creighton University is located in Omaha, Nebraska. Omaha is the largest and most affluent city in the state of Nebraska. It is located by the Missouri River and is in the heart of the Midwest region in the United States. The U.S. News & World Report ranked Omaha as one of the top 20 cities to live with a low cost of living. Moreover, Omaha is peaceful and a safe city to live in. It is an excellent place to practice healthcare and fulfill your learning experience.

Please contact Angela Patterson, OTD, OTR/L at or 402.280.5980 to learn more about CRISP.


What You’ll Learn 

• OT and PT clinical practice skills
• OT and PT role in musculoskeletal and neurological disorders across the lifespan
• Cardiopulmonary and orthopedic rehabilitation
• Global healthcare perspectives and special interest topics
• American culture
• English communication with Creighton faculty, staff and students

Program Cost

• $6000 to cover cost of housing, meal plan for 10 weeks, and program related transportation


• Please contact Angela Patterson, OTD, OTR/L at

Additional Experiences

• Trip to Chicago to site see and experience the third largest city in USA and largest city in the Midwest
• Social immersion in Omaha to the best Zoo in the USA, museums and local attractions and activities
• Family life and celebrations in the USA