Global Health Conference Midwest

Global Health Conference Midwest (GHCM)

About Global Health Conference Midwest

Global Health Conference Midwest (GHCM) is an opportunity to connect, collaborate, engage and learn about pertinent and emerging topics in global health. GHCM represents professionals, graduate students, undergraduates, academic faculty, community organizations and community members.

The purpose of the conference is to catalyze action in global health by providing insight into global health issues, promoting a common voice for those interested in global health, fostering talent, and facilitating interprofessional partnerships.

GHCM and Creighton University

GHCM is completely organized by an interprofessional group of Creighton University undergraduate and graduate student leaders. This is the fourth year that Creighton University has held the conference. More than 350 students, professionals, and community members attended the 2017 event.

The conference is supported by several Creighton affiliated organizations including Creighton University Health Sciences Continuing Education (HSCE) and Creighton University’s Center for Interprofessional Practice, Education, and Research (CIPER)

2018 Conference

The theme of Global Health Conference Midwest 2018 was Reimagining Partnerships: A Step towards Global Health Equity. The conference centered around three keynote speakers and includes multiple breakout sessions and panel discussions. Full details regarding the conference schedule and speaker information can be found on the GHCM website.