CIPER End of Year Report
CIPER End of Year Report

In the Center for Interprofessional Practice, Education and Research (CIPER), we focus on the integration of practice, education and research to support our students and faculty in education, clinical practice and the science of collaborative care.

See our latest accomplishments and plans in these areas in our End of Year Report (2018). 

Some highlights from the report appear below.



We utilize an interprofessional clinical learning environment in primary care with a robust collaborative care model through our academic health partner, CHI Health.

  • 94 students from graduate nursing, OT, Pharmacy, PT completed learning experiences in interprofessional clinical learning environment at University Campus
  • 3 site visits were hosted; University of Colorado, Huntington University and Dr. Paul Uhlig from University of Kansas School of Medicine – Wichita, to model best practices for implementing an interprofessional clinical learning environment.
  • 24 medical residents receive training at the facility in the collaborative care model.


We offer innovative interprofessional education (IPE) through our IPE 400 Introduction to Collaborative Care course and our IPE Passport. 

  • To date, over 3,592 health sciences students have completed IPE 400.
  • 34 IPE passport activities were offered, 8 health professions served (Public Health will be added in 2019)
  • 95% of students stated the course enhanced their knowledge of interprofessional collaborative practice.


  • In 2018, faculty and staff associated with CIPER made more than 10 international/national presentations, 2 grants awarded, along with multiple peer-reviewed publications and awards.


End of the Year Report (2017)

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