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Empower yourself – and others – to fight disease.

Gain the knowledge and laboratory skills you need to effectively study drugs, research how they react with the human body and analyze how they impact complex systems through Creighton University’s Master of Science in Pharmacology program. In order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the mechanisms of drugs, this interdisciplinary program will also equip you with the knowledge of physiology on the systems, molecular, and genetic levels.

In as little as two years, you can be prepared for a career as an educator in pharmacology, research scientist, medical liaison or a number of other professions within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Alternatively, a master’s in pharmacology is an excellent method to improve your preparedness for the pursuit of an M.D. or Ph.D.

Tailor your program to fit you.

Creighton’s pharmacology master’s program allows for students to tailor the curriculum to fit their needs and interests. You will work with a major advisor and thesis committee to create a customized plan of study that will determine the courses and research plan you’ll complete in order to write your master’s thesis based on original research. Students can concentrate their studies across several areas of specialization including:

  • Autonomic pharmacology
  • Cardiovascular pharmacology
  • Ocular pharmacology
  • Renal pharmacology
  • Exocrine pharmacology
  • Immunopharmacology
  • Neuropharmacology
  • Toxicology

Big opportunities – small class sizes.

Creighton University’s School of Medicine has been training health professionals for more than 125 years. Take advantage of a pharmacology master’s program that has the resources of a large university, reaping all the benefits of a small class size. You will regularly have one-on-one interaction with faculty members and other students in your cohort. Our small class sizes allow for faculty to cover topics with more depth, leading to a more complete education.

Our students and faculty continue to research various human diseases such as asthma, cancer, cardiovascular disease and pulmonary hypertension, neurological diseases such as epilepsy, autism, and schizophrenia, substance abuse, stroke and birth defects.


To earn the Master of Science in Pharmacology degree at Creighton University, you must complete 30 credits:

  • 18 credits in Program Core Courses
    • Medical Pharmacology I
    • Medical Pharmacology II
    • Receptor and Molecular Pharmacology
    • Special Topics in Pharmacology (Biostatistics)
    • Responsible Conduct of Research
  • 12 credits in Independent Research
    • Master’s Directed Independent Research
    • Master’s Thesis

Students will select a major advisor and assemble a thesis committee. The student, advisor and committee will formulate a plan of study. The advisor and committee will assist the student during the entire course of the program.

Goals of the program along with a full course listing can be found in Creighton’s course catalog.


Creighton University has maintained continuous accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission since 1928.  For information regarding the University’s accreditation status, visit

Information regarding academic programs which hold specialized accreditation can be found on this page.

Admissions Requirements

  • Completed application & $50 application fee
  • Bachelor’s degree with 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Must include coursework in biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, and mathematics. Deficiencies may be made up in the graduate program
  • Official transcripts from all educational institutions attended
  • Personal statement. See application for specific requirements
  • Three letters of recommendation from persons other than friends or family members who can speak to your performance in an academic or professional setting
  • Graduate Record Exam (GRE) score. Use school code 6121 for this program


A personal interview may be requested in addition to the above requirements. The interview may be conducted in-person or virtually.

International applicants

Tuition & Scholarships

Tuition is waived for students accepted into Creighton’s pharmacology master’s program. Students also receive health insurance coverage.

Important dates & Deadlines

Program Start Date

Application Deadline
March 31

PHD Option

Doctor of Philosophy with a Major in Pharmacology (90 credits)

  • The courses required for the Master of Science in Pharmacology serve as the foundation for the doctorate program. Ph.D. graduates are required to take some additional courses, attend additional seminars, complete extensive independent research and study, and write and defend a doctoral dissertation.
  • Available on-campus.


A full listing of courses offered for the Doctor of Philosophy with a Major in Pharmacology can be found in the course catalog.

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